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-Chapter two- Birth

Era= 4 Era, 183, 18 years before than the events in Skyrim, 18 of Frost Fall, Morndas, 10:00 a.m.

Place= Zloi Mansion (A Mansion between the Cyrodill, Morrowind, and Skyrim frontier.)

Ereesei was looking silently at the gray, cold sky. She was once a free girl, raised in a farm, in the beautiful lands of Black Marsh, and she later moved to Cyrodill, with all his family, to sell their crops. There she found her love, Edlio, a really kind-hearted hero, intelligent, and brave. When she thinked she could not be more happy, slave traders come to the village, and raided it, taking her, and many others, to this horrible mansion. Her hero had tried to save all, but when he was about to save all, the traders realized he was to fast to bring him down, so they used Ereesei to distract him, and they plunge a sword in his chest, and thrown to a house in flames. She felt bad about that, thinking she was the one who cause his death.

She thinked about this, and started crying silently, as she was picking grapes from the bushes in the lands of the owner. Suddenly, she heard an alarm from the guards, calling for reinforcements. She heard a 'boom' from a wall near here, and she rose, remembering that she had a fetter in her left toe. Then she saw a friendly, and known, face "Edlio!" she said, and Edlio rapidly ran to give her a hug "I think I lost you…" she lowered her head, looking sadly at the floor "You don't have to worry about anything, I'm okay, and you are about to be free again" Edlio carefully moved her chin to see her in the eyes, and he kissed her, both closing their eyes. Still enjoying the kiss, Ereesei asked "How do you managed to survive?" "I survive the thrust and I cured myself with Hitskin, and later I barely escaped the fire. But even then, I could not survived without the help of the villagers, they cured me, and they helped get me here to save all the slaves, and you" Edlio smiled kindly "And how do you make that explosions?" "Well, that was easy; I only needed some barrels full of oil, easy." After a time of looking kindly to each other, one of the villagers drawed their attention "Hey, I don't want to interrupt, but we should go!" They nodded, and rapidly Edlio picked the fetter she had, and they ran to the hole in the wall, avoiding the arrows the guards throw and escaping with all the prisoners to the north.

After running for an entire day, all the prisoners are tired, and almost to fall, Edlio is carrying Ereesei, and are almost falling down "Edlio thanks for carrying me, but you are almost to fall, as all the people" she points all the people "Okay, is time to make a camp, let's go" Edlio said, as he cautiously dropped Ereesei in the ground "Thanks, dear" As she thanked him with a kiss. After some time preparing the camp, they finally finished, preparing for sleeping. "Edlio, what do you think about having a son?" Ereesei asked "I also want one, honey, but first we need to get to a safe place, and then we will have one." Ereesei nodded, and then both slept, very comfortable with each other. Edlio was right, they will need first to find a safe place, because some miles away, Zloi Dark was furious with the escaped prisoners, and he has contracted several bounty hunters to kill or catch again the prisoners.

After one week of traveling, and almost reaching Skyrim, Edlio and Ereesei were walking with the group, and something was heard in the branches of near trees, Edgar prepared and readied his bow. Suddenly from behind, he saw a bounty hunter, and rapidly fired his arrow, killing him instantly, from the branches of the trees, appeared 9 other bounty hunters, all with their sword ready to kill "Hey, hero, go away, and we will don't hurt you!" "No, and now you are going to go away, and leave us" "Ha, ha, keep dreaming hero! Attack!  "Ereesei, run, with the people, I love you! Now" Ereesei rapidly moved the people, and hided in the forest "We'll later go for them, now kill him! One of the bounty hunters rapidly charged to him, and was received with an arrow, that ended in his neck, changing rapidly, Edlio readied his swords, and stopping another sword, he plunged one in the chest of the bounty hunter, another sword trying to kill him appeared, and moving rapidly, he cut the head of the attacker, turning his neck, he saw a great sword man, and rapidly, he kicks him, and cuts him with his swords, seeing an axe man, Edlio rapidly runs, makes a roll under the foe's feet, and buries his swords in the back,  running to other two, burring his swords in their bellies. The others panicked, and ran away, to never been seen again "Is safe now!" Edlio shouted, making the others get out, and continue their journey.

After 2 weeks more, the ex-slaves found freedom in Skyrim, and after walking for a little bit more, Edlio and Ereesei found a small, quiet village, south-east of Riften, and they decided to make a house in the forest, near the village, and a lake. After 2 years, they finish the house, and decide to have a son, and 9 months later, his first son, Edgar Algae, is born from the egg, 2 years later, they have Edgar's sister, Serpionik.
My second chapter of Edgar Algae Story, I hope you like! :D
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